Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon thrifting

The boy and I ventured to East London for The East End Thrift Store's Jumble sale. We got there at around 4pm and most of the good stuff had gone (it had been on since Saturday morning). All that was left was mountains of XXL blazers, coats and lumberjack shirts. I told the boy that he looked great in them, but he wasn't investing in the East end chic.

The main manager guy was lovely and very helpful. The other people who worked there looked like works of art.

The main store has some gorgeous stock which is showcased nicely and priced reasonably. They even had an in-house tailor person who was helping a beautiful girl who was having trouble with her burgundy velvet dress.

I bought this white dress for £15. It fits well but I'm just a bit annoyed that summer is over and I can't really wear it.

And I'm not really into wearing white in winter.

Or into going on safari.

And it looks like a nurse's outfit. I'm not really into that either, but I might feel differently later in the year or so.

Also, we decided not to go to The Lexington's record collectors and vintage clothing fair, which was a good thing 'cos it got cancelled anyway.

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