Monday, 14 December 2009

Jammin' till the jam is through

Our first jumble is done diddly done. It got of to a shaky start but we met some lovely people, ate some lovely cakes and sold some lovely goodies too.

We didn't sell as much as we hoped to sell, and there wasn't too many people there, but we still made a pretty packet.

A pregnant lady bought my faux fur coat. I hope it keeps her and her bump all lovely and snug.

Meet the neighbours

Rag & Bow vintage

Beaming boy with his bargin bounty. I bought this is a second hand store in Budapest.

Musician/comedian/all round bundle of lovliness Helen Arney did a great set on her ukulele, and bought a lovely netted skirt from us too.

To think that jammin' was a thing of the past

We're jammin'

And I hope this jam is gonna last.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

All packed and ready to sell

2 large vintage cases, one medium sized cardboard box, one ikea carrier, 1 washing basket, 1 large Selfridges bag and one plastic bust later we are ready to roll.

It's a jammin' christmas

Come join us!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Shedding some layers

I really need some money to feed my spending habit and fund my 3 week trip to Mumbai, Pune and Goa in February.
I had decided to part with some of my lovely clothing by setting up an eBay shop.

I thought I would be able to part with my well-loved and well-worn threads easily but it has been distressing trying to value them individually (especially as I don’t know how to value them properly). I felt bad for deciding some clothes were better than others. And I felt bad for keeping some and not others. Did I really want to part with them?

A few weeks ago I put the first lot online.

I was offended that no one had made any bids for the first 4 days. Did they think my clothing was not good enough? Were they vintage snobs? What about all the vintage virgins I wanted to capture? Didn't they see the bounty I had on offer?

As soon as poeople did start bidding, I felt a tinge regret. Darn it. I did quite like that dress…

Should I have put a once-loved item on eBay? Am I going to get mugged off? Am I being greedy by not getting rid of more? Or am I being an idiot by selling items so cheaply and not valuing them properly? Am I sitting on a goldmine of vintage nuggets or are my goodies one step away form a landfill?


Slackety Slack

I attempted to go cold turkey on the clothes front but instead I have been buying more than ever.
I have failed royally, but I now have enough clothing to wear a different outfit every day for the next 3 years. Cha-ching.
I have stocked up on goodies from all over England:

The magical 140 bus route
Numerous jumbles sale
And Budapest
..and have come accross some little gems.

My wardrobe is brimming. As is the shed, the loft and the boy's bedroom floor. Eeeek.