Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Daisy Dares

I went to the John Lewis haberdashery department on Oxford Street and picked up some daisies to stitch onto a dress.

I really like dresses in a block jewel tone with a white daisy trim. No pastels for me thanks.

I don't know if it reminds me of of weddings or bridesmaids.
*Probably not. I have only been to one English wedding, which was my sisters, and there wasn't a daisy or bridesmaid in sight.

Or making daisy chains.
*Probably not this either becuase I spent most of primary school chasing after boys with a shoe in my hand in a 'why I outta..' fashion.

I think I just like the contrast of delicate white daisies against a vibrant structured dress.

Mirror Mirror, Icon Mirror

Dismiss them as tat, or hang them in the heart of your retro-clad home, icon mirrors are something that I personally love.

I picked up The Fonz first. 50p at a car boot sale when I was 15.

Elvis was next. Another car boot sale, but I think he was £3. The King lives in the garage at the moment due to lack of space and abundance of stuff.

Marilyn is my first goodie from Freecycle, the recycling forum for indviduals or charities.

Someone offered a mirror through my local network and I sent them an e-mail expressing an interest. He didn't reply for a week. I then recieved and e-mail from him explaining that it had not been collected, so off we set to collect her.
She will have to live in the garage with Elvis for now.

Caped Crusader

The best £6 I have ever spent went on this great cape from a Cancer Research charity shop.
On one side it's as mature and as grown up as a cape can be; dark green with black trim. Nice lining I hear you say?

POW! It's not lining, it's reversable!! The alternative side is a crazy red/green/blue/yellow/black tartan.
Retina searing, but pocket money pleasing. I have 2 capes and have given money to a good cause too.

When Mary Quant popped through the letter box

I recieved a birthday card in the post today from my univeristy pal, Amy. The stamp features a design from mini-skirt Queen Mary Quant.

I was lucky enough to receive my first birthday present from another friend yesterday; a lovely dragonfly broach. It fits perfectly on my £7 faux fur coat.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

My house?

When I have my own place, a space I can decorate and clutter and flutter about in, I would like to fill it with stuff. Lots of stuff.
Like some of these niceties from Urban Outfitters:

I want my house to be full of:

Vintage suitcases
Big frames
Small frames
Old records
New records
Huge lampshades
Brolly stand
Hat stand
Mis-matched furniture
Mis-matched cups and saucers
And general knick-knackery

It will take me a great deal of time to find these at a reasonable price.

I reckon that if I start looking now, I will have a hoard of cool stuff for when I can buy a house for me and the boy, in 2030 or thereabouts.


Sales schmales

I am staying away from the sales for the following reasons:

1. I cannot afford it

2. I don't want to buy something someone else will be wearing. I know this is difficult to get round, and it explains why I look like a Granny most days.

3. I have only left the house to go boozing, swimming or volunteering and haven’t passed many shops.

I have not been to Westfield (which is just down the road) or any other super super shopping centre to indulge in any red-ticketed madness.

I would prefer getting something in a charity shop that would last longer, look better and possibly have hundreds of stories trapped in-between every stitch.

The reality is as follows:

1. Charity shops need to be visited frequently to get the good goods
2. It will take lots of visits to find that coveted item
3. There is no guarantee that you will ever get a certain something you are looking for
4. Some charity shops are really expensive (even when the clothes are vile).

Maybe sale shopping isn't looking so bad after all...

Monday, 14 December 2009

Jammin' till the jam is through

Our first jumble is done diddly done. It got of to a shaky start but we met some lovely people, ate some lovely cakes and sold some lovely goodies too.

We didn't sell as much as we hoped to sell, and there wasn't too many people there, but we still made a pretty packet.

A pregnant lady bought my faux fur coat. I hope it keeps her and her bump all lovely and snug.

Meet the neighbours

Rag & Bow vintage

Beaming boy with his bargin bounty. I bought this is a second hand store in Budapest.

Musician/comedian/all round bundle of lovliness Helen Arney did a great set on her ukulele, and bought a lovely netted skirt from us too.

To think that jammin' was a thing of the past

We're jammin'

And I hope this jam is gonna last.