Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sales schmales

I am staying away from the sales for the following reasons:

1. I cannot afford it

2. I don't want to buy something someone else will be wearing. I know this is difficult to get round, and it explains why I look like a Granny most days.

3. I have only left the house to go boozing, swimming or volunteering and haven’t passed many shops.

I have not been to Westfield (which is just down the road) or any other super super shopping centre to indulge in any red-ticketed madness.

I would prefer getting something in a charity shop that would last longer, look better and possibly have hundreds of stories trapped in-between every stitch.

The reality is as follows:

1. Charity shops need to be visited frequently to get the good goods
2. It will take lots of visits to find that coveted item
3. There is no guarantee that you will ever get a certain something you are looking for
4. Some charity shops are really expensive (even when the clothes are vile).

Maybe sale shopping isn't looking so bad after all...

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