Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Mirror Mirror, Icon Mirror

Dismiss them as tat, or hang them in the heart of your retro-clad home, icon mirrors are something that I personally love.

I picked up The Fonz first. 50p at a car boot sale when I was 15.

Elvis was next. Another car boot sale, but I think he was £3. The King lives in the garage at the moment due to lack of space and abundance of stuff.

Marilyn is my first goodie from Freecycle, the recycling forum for indviduals or charities.

Someone offered a mirror through my local network and I sent them an e-mail expressing an interest. He didn't reply for a week. I then recieved and e-mail from him explaining that it had not been collected, so off we set to collect her.
She will have to live in the garage with Elvis for now.

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