Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Shedding some layers

I really need some money to feed my spending habit and fund my 3 week trip to Mumbai, Pune and Goa in February.
I had decided to part with some of my lovely clothing by setting up an eBay shop.

I thought I would be able to part with my well-loved and well-worn threads easily but it has been distressing trying to value them individually (especially as I don’t know how to value them properly). I felt bad for deciding some clothes were better than others. And I felt bad for keeping some and not others. Did I really want to part with them?

A few weeks ago I put the first lot online.

I was offended that no one had made any bids for the first 4 days. Did they think my clothing was not good enough? Were they vintage snobs? What about all the vintage virgins I wanted to capture? Didn't they see the bounty I had on offer?

As soon as poeople did start bidding, I felt a tinge regret. Darn it. I did quite like that dress…

Should I have put a once-loved item on eBay? Am I going to get mugged off? Am I being greedy by not getting rid of more? Or am I being an idiot by selling items so cheaply and not valuing them properly? Am I sitting on a goldmine of vintage nuggets or are my goodies one step away form a landfill?


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